"What a fun show. Very interactive.
Unique and entertaining. My husband and I had never seen a show like this. You never know what will happen next. We plan to attend again.
Kids and us old folks will find this a "cool" and "clever" show. Something for everyone. Come and see for yourself!

Steve Sanders is very personable and makes each guest feel like a star."

Donna W.
On Trip Advisor

Best Entertainment in Branson. 

"We went to several “magic” shows. Other shows had lots of special lighting, music and other effects, while “THAT Mentalist Guy” had just enough to enhance our experience.

Steve is a very personable entertainer doing truly amazing things, with a very engaging presentation.

Without doubt the best show we saw in Branson."

SEMO reviewer
On Trip Advisor

A Must-See Show!

"One of the best mentalists we have ever seen. A heartwarming and kind entertainer.

We loved it and will go back again and again. How does he do that?
Highly recommend, you won't be sorry!"

Bill C.


"Great Show!!! Suspenseful, fun and stimulating!!! We'll be back!! Steve took time after the show to meet and great!!
My wife and I have seen other Mentalists and Steve is the best, by far!!!

I will recommend this show to all ages!!! Thanks for a great Experience Steve!!!"

Michael S.
On Trip Advisor


"How does he do it?!?
Impossible to figure it out

Jeff V.

Simply The Best!!!

"I’ve seen lots of magicians / mentalists over the years, and Steve is hands down one of the best performers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Highly recommended!!!!"

Dave N.

Significantly Exceeded My Expectations....a Real WOW!

"It takes a lot to impress me, and this show totally blew me away. It is totally unique in its concept, so there is no other show to which it can be compared. Steve Sanders (tHAT Mentalist Guy) seemed able to read minds though he's quite specific in saying he does NOT have supernatural powers.

There is so much audience participation that it is obviously not "fixed" in any way, making what he does even more phenomenal.

I've been back home from Branson for a week now and still think about what he did during the show. You really, REALLY MUST experience it for yourself. You'll be glad you did (and sorry if you don't).

The show is suitable for all ages, and the young children in the audience when I was there enjoyed it too, though I doubt they could truly comprehend his amazing feats. A great family choice."

On Trip Advisor

Absolutely A Must See !!!

"'THAT Mentalist Guy' was by far the favorite part of our entire trip to Branson.

He was so different compared to most of the shows there. He was very interesting and funny as well.

We were all blown away by what he could actually do.

Better yet, we saw absolutely no clues as to how he did any of it.

You have to EXPERIENCE IT to understand just how good this show really is!

I would recommend this as a MUST SEE for anyone 8 years and up. You won't be disappointed.  It is well worth the price of the ticket, and I guarantee I will see him again next time I'm in Branson." 

Kristina P.
On Trip Advisor

A Family Friendly, Vegas Quality Show

"THAT Mentalist Guy in Branson was so amazing! To see how he could read our minds and thoughts to figure our things.

It was a family friendly show, amazing for kids and adults, it is definitely worth your wild to see such fun and unique experience, when I get the chance, I will definitely go see him again.

tHAT Mentalist Guy did an amazing job, thank you Steve!!!"

Natalee H.
On Trip Advisor


"We were a little skeptical at first because this is a new show in Branson, but it was so much fun.

We were called on stage for part of his act and I still don't know how he was able to figure out what I was thinking...

😂. This is a MUST SEE if you're in Branson, MO!!!

Barbara T.
On Trip Advisor

A Must See Show When in Branson! 

"THAT Mentalist Guy is totally different than any show in Branson.

You can go in expecting to be surprised but leave wondering how he knows what you're thinking. It is so far beyond your expectations, this is a must-see show, you will be glad you did."

Mark T.
On Trip Advisor

Top Notch Entertainer!

"Steve's performance left me and my family entertained from beginning to end.

Very professional, like something I would expect to see at "The Magic Castle" or on Television!"

Stacey D.

That's Not All...

Steve is also available for private or corporate engagements.

He can tailor a performance for any occasion.

Have Steve make your next event an extraordinary and unique experience, that everyone will be talking about for years!

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